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Car applications - silent switch

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Nowadays, the comfort and safety of the car are getting more and more improved. In order to make the driver not reach the dashboard, it can operate the in-vehicle equipment such as audio or air conditioner, and a variety of switch types on the steering wheel The In the past, those switches were mainly loaded on high-end cars, and now use these switches to gradually increase the number of cars, more and more small cars are also equipped with these switches.
 These switches are close to the driver's hand, so it is necessary to prevent the device from malfunctioning when the driver is accidentally touching the switch while driving. Therefore, it is desirable to provide a re-operation switch capable of more accurately providing a click feeling as compared with a switch disposed on the dashboard. Moreover, the premise for the long-term use to high frequency, so long life will become a very important factor.
 On the occasion of the development of this product, the design of a new small rubber spring, and through the use of quality engineering, analytical technology, 3D-CAD technology, so that heavy work and long working life coexist. Moreover, the rubber spring also achieved a quiet and high-end atmosphere to create a low operating sound and sleek touch feel.
 In addition, the product also through the use of silver contacts, the contact resistance is controlled to 100mΩ, so that the use of this product operation of the vehicle equipment within the circuit design becomes simple.
 Further, since the space for mounting the switch on the steering wheel is limited, miniaturization is required.
 【Main features】
 1. make heavy action and long life coexist
 2. Through the use of silver contacts, to achieve a low contact resistance
 3. Through the use of unique manufacturing technology, so that heavy work and miniaturization can be achieved at the same time
 【The main purpose】
 Steering switch
 Car AV equipment and air conditioning equipment
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