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Korea Dongdu Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. After years of development, the company has established Dongguan Dongdu Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2007. Focus on manufacturing detection switch, waterproof earphone socket, USB socket, DC socket, self (no) lock switch, push button switch, toggle switch, tact switch, waterproof light touch, micro switch, multi-function switch, etc.

The products are widely used in: instrumentation, industrial automation, automatic control equipment, audio equipment, communication, measurement and control, computing, digital products, medical equipment, financial equipment, security equipment, household appliances, automobiles, fire protection, machinery and other fields.
Accumulated many years of experience in DIP SDM SWITCH SMT production and development. The core components of the products are made of high quality materials from Germany and Korea, and all parts are certified by SGS. The production efficiency of the application of automatic production has been significantly improved, so that each series of products has passed a set of strict reliability tests. We provide customers with environmentally friendly, safe, reliable and healthy products. Constant pursuit.


Dongdu micro switch, socket, SWITCH SMT, based on independent research and development, adopts cutting-edge technology that meets European high standards, high environmental protection and high energy saving. After a large number of technical experiments and market validation, a series of advanced, mature and touch-based intelligent control products with independent core technologies have been formed.
Dongdu Switch Sockets always adheres to the customer first, talents and technology as the basis, creates the best products and services for the purpose, based on the stable product quality, accurate and timely delivery, sincerely serves the customers and ensures the customers are satisfied. Satisfactory product. 

Every Dongdu electronic product produced here will be sold all over the world, providing customers with superior performance, stable quality, cost-effective products and professional technical guidance!
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