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Bluetooth headset application - thin 0.7mm thickness slider switch

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Our company developed a sliding switch with a thickness of 0.7mm for the small and thin machine product.
 With the mobile phone, digital cameras and small music players and other portable devices of small, thin, these products are also used to the small parts, thin type of development. In this case, the sliding switch of the power supply ON / OFF or the operation stop (retention function) by the horizontal operation is installed on the side of the whole product case, so that the requirement for small size and thinness is high.
 In addition, there is a case where a device capable of direct sense operation through a touch panel such as a smart phone is increasing, and a situation in which the switch is installed in order to better recognize the state of the apparatus as if it is easy to visually confirm whether or not the operation is in a reserved state.
 According to this demand, the company developed the industry's smallest sliding switch (width 5.5mm × length 2.5mm × height 0.7mm), its volume and substrate area than the original product reduction of 36%.
 Further, as described above, it is possible to assure the strength as one of the requirements of the thin and small parts used on the part directly operated by the user. Particularly, when the user operates a relatively practical operating knob portion, the resin knob portion is reinforced by insert molding the metal plate, thereby ensuring sufficient strength.
 In addition, it is also important to convey the touch of the operation accurately to the user's finger. However, in such a small product, since the constituent components are small, it is difficult to produce an appropriate touch. I use the company for many years to cultivate the institutional design technology, through the use of leaf spring my company unique structure, to achieve a 1.5N action force, to create the appropriate click feeling, the formation of a more user satisfaction with the product.
 In addition, this product is lead-free solder products.
 【Main features】
 ● Developed the smallest sliding switch in the industry
 1. In the operation of the knob on the part of the metal plate inlaid with the structure, so as to ensure a sufficient strength.
 2. Through the 1.5N action force, to achieve an accurate sense of click.
 3. Lead-free soldering products.
 【The main purpose】
 Mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, digital video recorders, portable music players, laptops and other portable devices
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