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The development of the encoder market

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Encoder in the OEM market, the application of a higher proportion, mainly used in machine tools, elevators, servo motor matching, textile machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, lifting machinery and other industries. In 2010, the rapid growth of China's OEM market has led to the rapid growth of the encoder market. In 2010, the market scale of China's encoder market reached 1.3 billion yuan, up by 42.9% year on year.
 From the industry point of view, elevators, machine tools and servo motor supporting the encoder is the focus of application areas, accounting for 53% of the overall market share of the market share. Textile machinery, packaging machinery and printing machinery and other areas of the current market share is small, the encoder is generally not directly into the three industries, encoder manufacturers compete mainly in the machinery industry to provide servo motor motor production plant link. Lifting machinery market share is also small, only 4% -5%. In the metallurgical and electronics industries and other project-based industries, the current application of the encoder is relatively low, accounting for only 14% of the market share.
 In addition, the encoder in the medical machinery, wind power, automobile production line, hybrid cars, water conservancy, rail transportation and other fields also have some applications, but the application of low proportion.
 In 2010, the demand for automation products in the wind power industry increased by more than 50%, while the main applications of elevators, servomotors, textile machines and machine tools were also the main sources of growth.
 Encoders are divided into absolute and incremental. At present, the absolute value of the encoder price is about 4 times the incremental encoder, 70% of the domestic market is the application of relatively incremental price of the encoder, mainly used in such as packaging, textiles, elevators and other industries only Requiring the measurement of speed and absolute position measurement requirements of the machine equipment is not high.
 In high-precision machinery and equipment or steel, ports and lifting and other heavy industry, due to the accuracy of the measurement requirements are relatively high, more cases will use the absolute value of the encoder. In these heavy industry applications, due to relatively poor operating conditions, so the impact of the encoder and vibration and other indicators require a higher.
 With the increase in the degree of automation of mechanical equipment, the application of encoder products is also more and more widely, customers no longer satisfied with the encoder can only be the physical rotation of the signal into electrical signals, but also requires a higher degree of integration of the encoder, The product is more durable, and hope that the absolute value of the encoder in a richer interface, so that more devices to achieve intelligent.
 At present, the production safety and communication safety in the whole industrial market is paid more and more attention. At the national level, the safety performance of the products is also put forward. The encoder also has the corresponding specification in terms of safety standards. However, due to the relative technical requirements of the domestic encoder market Low, the customer is more popular in the low-end products.
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