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High sensitivity and long life of the small mouse micro-switch the original work

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When people use the mouse, it will involve the mouse micro switch, many people do not know where this switch role? Little mouse even in such a large working principle. Mouse sensitive and durable click switch should benefit from this switch, the mouse micro switch is a pressure-driven sensitive switch, in different areas, the name is different. It is also called a sensitive switch.

 Small mouse micro-switch works is the external mechanical force through the transmission components, such as buttons, levers and other forces by the role of this action on the action reed will be gathered on the energy, resulting in instantaneous action, so that the action of the reed contact The contacts are quickly connected or disconnected. Currently on the market sales of micro-switch mainly to the mouse micro-switch for the basic type, divided into without pressure handle type, with a straight handle type, with roller type, with curved handle type, high current 3A series.
 Mouse micro-switch main use in the mouse electronic equipment and other equipment, it is in accordance with the large, medium and small specifications, but also divided into waterproof and ordinary type, in the switch to connect two lines for electrical appliances, Electrical control. Currently sensitive small micro-switch is mainly used in mouse configuration, household appliances, industrial machinery, automatic equipment and other places. It is small in size, but in every kind of equipment plays an irreplaceable role.
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