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Congratulations Dongguan Dongdu electronic new site on the line

Release time:2017-08-02 14:07:51  Hits:
To further improve the customer's online experience and website features, the company decided to upgrade the old site for a new revision, September 1, 2017, Dongguan City, East Electronics Co., Ltd. new version of the website www.dongdudz.com officially launched, after the company The efforts of all staff, the successful revision of the website, which also means that I Division in the corporate image of the publicity more attention to meet future challenges to a higher standard.
 The site revision to enhance the East are the company's brand image for domestic and foreign customers to provide quality services to enhance the influence of the East are the company's brand for the purpose. The new site in the column settings, functional design, service content and layout design and so made a greater adjustment, in accordance with the functional partition to re-sort out the section of the plate, and further integration of the East are the company's information resources to provide customers with more comprehensive and efficient and convenient services. "Customer satisfaction" has always been our company's greatest pursuit.
 After the revision of the site there are still many deficiencies, our company colleagues are working hard to improve. Product updates follow-up will continue to shelves, hope to respect the customer you are browsing at the same time, leaving valuable advice and suggestions, feedback mailbox: sale@dongdudz.com, hotline: 0769-82861811
     East of the company team, the company's website on the successful revision of the occasion, I wish you colleagues happy family, the cause of a higher level!
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