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Introduce the 10 notes on the touch switch

Release time:2017-08-03 14:08:00  Hits:
I believe we are not familiar with the touch switch, its simple structure to win the love of many consumers. Here we talk about the touch switch notes, so as to avoid the use of danger.
 1, the installation of touch switch, be sure to be careful, if there is loose in the welding, we must promptly reinforce, so as not to fall off.
 2, the switch for two consecutive welding, the product should be dry to room temperature in order to re-welding, so as to avoid deformation of the material, likely to cause off.
 3, pay attention to can not use the washing plate water.
 4, the use of switches, we should pay attention, can not be too much force, so as to avoid damage.
 5, try not to use destructive.
 6, when used, try to press the center position, so as to avoid damage to parts.
 7, after installation, because the installation process of welding problems, please contact after-sales maintenance.
 8, for the installation of welding process generated by corrosive gas materials, resulting in damage to the switch, but also produce the use of danger, before use must pay attention.
 9, for the type is not closed, foreign matter may enter the switch inside, easy to cause short circuit, please be sure to pay attention.
 10, the last point is the most important point, absolutely avoid using the wet hand to touch the switch.
 In fact, the touch switch is usually the most use of the switch type, for these considerations must be aware of.
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