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Customization capability
      Dongdu Electronics is a global manufacturer of switching products, each year for the world's leading customers manufacture and research and development of various types of touch switches, key switches, test switches, light switch, and headphone jack and other products, new product development projects more than 30 per year, According to the different needs of customers to develop products in line with customer requirements, and then through the environmental control of materials, not only the production of high-quality products, but also do the corporate social responsibility.

Technical support
     In order to solve the electronic Dongdu customer needs in the development stage of technology, set up a professional technical service team, whether it is the beginning of the product design product design proposal, or is the solution to the problem of product application verification stage, at all levels of the engineer will provide the most immediate and professional service and advice. In addition, the demand for different electronic Dongdu customers and product types, also provide various technical support service.

Service point
   R & D stronghold to strengthen communication with customers in the product design stage, shorten the product development cycle, respectively, in Germany, Dongguan, nearly 100 people set up R & D team to close to the customer's philosophy, to provide immediate services to solve customer problems.

      Marketing base for the strengthening of customer service to meet customer needs, and quickly solve customer problems, respectively, in Germany, Dongguan and other regions with branches, to provide timely customer service.
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